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Prayer request page for you to pray about. These request are from the church and from others who need help with something in their life , so please take these to the throne of MERCY!

Pray for Randy's back that GOD will heal it like new..

Pray for Miss Hattie

Pray for the point man ministry

Pray for Grace Baptist church to be a soul winning station

Let Your Little Light Shine!!!


Pray for Raw Faith that the Lord will use each member in a mighty way to save souls,

Pray for the new ministries coming out of the church.

Pray for the jobs in the church will be filled.

Pray for each other.




Pray for the children's church.

Pray for the Sunday school teachers.



Pray for the singings that we will have for the groups that like to stop by on their way to bigger venues.

Praise GOD for groups that do like to stop by.